About Me


There is nothing else I’d rather do than inspire confidence, compassion and self-love. I stand for people loving themselves no matter what. I am an expert at igniting connection, authenticity and clarity. In working with you, I promise to transform the feeling of being overwhelmed and stuck to a life reconnected to your essense and who you truly are.

Let’s face it, we only have one shot at this thing called life so why not make every moment count by being present, grounded and experiencing life to its full potential.

I am a  Life coach, Integrative Complementary Medicine practitioner, holistic Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine practitioner, Meditation instructor and facilitator. My journey began some years ago during a time where I had lost my connection with myself. As a wife, mother of two young boys, living in a house in the suburbs, with a demanding corporate finance job it would seem I had it all, but I still felt like something was missing. I became stressed, anxious and completely disconnected. This led me on a search and that’s when I found Kinesiology. ‘Wow!’ is an understatement but pretty much sums up my first experience. I was blown away by the accuracy of sessions and by what was revealed. After a few sessions, I began to realise this ‘thing’ that was missing, this ‘thing’ that I was searching for, was Me. I’d forgotten who I was after becoming so caught up in being a mother and a wife that I’d somehow managed to lose myself. This experience and this journey of reconnection then led me to want to inspire and empower other women to do the same.

That’s when I chose to study Kinesiology. It quickly became my passion and I made it my mission to learn everything there was to know about this beautiful modality. However, in 2008 and after a couple of years of study, life took an unimaginable turn for me as I was confronted with some profound challenges, among them was the still born birth of my baby, Michael. Although this was the most difficult period in my life, it had turned out to be the most powerful gift and has helped me to realise my strength, worth and inner purpose.

The training and personal development I’d gained as a Kinesiologist saw me and my family through this intense time. After a few years of further personal development and soul searching, I returned to my studies to fulfil my dream of becoming a practicing Kinesiologist, which was burning like an inextinguishable flame. I completed my Cert IV in Kinesiology in 2013 and am proud to say that I attained a Diploma in Kinesiology as well as a diploma in Mind Body Medicine in early 2015. I later completed studies to become an Integrative Complementary Medicine Therepist in 2017 followed by a life coach certification by the amazing Jen Riday.

So here I am today – A mother of four gorgeous children, entrepreneur, Holistic Kinesiologist, workshop facilitator and Life coach ready to inspire and empower you to live the life you deserve.

“When a woman begins to be aware of the divine spark within, she will soon be faced with a decision whether to honor and to trust it . . .She is so accustomed to looking outside herself for authority that the realization of God within us is radical and shattering. It changes everything.”

– Wendlyn Alter, The Yang Heart of Yin