Womens Circles


In today’s society, it is common for women to feel that they are living a life that is not in harmony with their essence and truth.  It is also common for women to feel most judged by other women, often finding themselves on the receiving end of competitive and harsh behavior. Often, the value of the sisterhood is forgotten amongst women. We have forgotten to share and learn from each other’s experiences and have tried to go it alone. Join me for my Women’s Circles where women can gather and unite in a safe space to honour and celebrate each other and all things feminine. As we honour and connect with the goddess within, it will be a place where you will feel heard, respected and a place of non-judgement where you will be free to express yourself and your true essence. No masks- just truth.

Women have been sitting in circles for centuries all over the world. Through the ages, they have come together to acknowledge important milestones in their lives such as menstruation, pregnancy, birth, marriage, menopause and death. They have used this forum to mark and honour the natural cycles of their lives and to draw upon the profound support and healing that comes from one human being bearing witness to another human being’s existence.

Women have also come together in circles outside of these milestones, to simply support themselves and each other and to bring more community and intimacy into their lives.

Centered on the cycles of the moon and a specific theme, my Women’s Circle’s provides a sacred space for women to gather, celebrate and process life, and  to reflect and nurture their souls and lives.

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