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5 POWERFUL REASONS Why you, your friends and family will benefit from meditation in your life

  1. Increases your mental ability
  2. Increases your ability to focus
  3. Improves your overall health
  4. Can be easily incorporated into your daily life
  5. Helps to promote calm and peace within

Initially I was daunted by the thought of meditation. Questions like ‘How can I possibly switch my mind off?’ and ‘How can I possibly find the time?’ only deterred me from exploring this practice. However, when I realised that meditation could be applied to my life with ease, it fast became my saviour at times of overwhelming stress. I knew I had to share the practice of meditations after seeing the profound changes I had personally experienced.
I love teaching meditation, whether it be one-on-one, via skype or in a group dynamic. Being able to witness the shifts in people’s mindset, body and life is so inspirational and an absolute privilege.

I would love to share this ancient healing modality with you!

As a certified meditation instructor, I can coach you in various techniques which can be easily applied to your daily life. From simple five minute meditation to more lengthy relaxation meditations, you will learn the basics of setting up a meditation practice at home and the benefits of doing this. As we explore different themes, my coaching programmes also provide the opportunity for personal development and self-exploration. With my informative, practical and nourishing guidance, you will be ready to apply this ancient healing technique to your everyday life.

“The thing about Meditation: You become more of you.”

– David Lynch