Embracing Uncertainty.

For me uncertainty was something I feared for years. So much so, I used to chronically worry about what would happen if my deepest fears became a reality. How would I manage? How would I cope?  Amongst many fears, one thing I chronically worried about in my 20s was death. I feared death.  Not so much my death but the death of those I loved deeply. The fear of losing those I loved, created a great deal of anxiety for me.

As a consequence, life fast became a journey to minimise loss. I did everything to minimise loss and planned and controlled everything to avoid any possible loss. I feared losing my partners so I tried to modify their risky behaviour. I feared losing a child so I become an extremely over protective mother. In fact this need to minimise loss then played out in many areas of my life because I could not bear the thought of the unexpected. I tried to  control EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE to manage MY anxiety. To manage uncertainty.

But not only did I learn the hard way that I could not control this uncertainty because if there was anything in life that WAS certain, that would be death, these thoughts  slowly chipped away at the joy, hope, spontaneity that uncertainty may bring.

So I learnt to embrace uncertainty.

As I learnt to embrace uncertainty and embrace the unknown, I began to live. I did this by developing a sense of trust in myself. A trust and a knowing that no matter what, I had the strength and the courage to get through. I accepted that life would challenge me and that’s OK because past experience had proven that. Whilst I have a long way to go, I can say that I have once again begun to embrace uncertainty.

I look forward to the beautiful, amazing surprises that may unfold. I have started to look at my life like a child on Christmas morning not knowing what the day holds, full of joy and anticipation.

Without uncertainty there would be no hope. Without uncertainty there would be no joy and let’s face it, the uncertainty of NOT knowing when we are going to die, allows us to LIVE in the present.

Are you afraid of uncertainty?

Are you trying to control and plan every aspect of your life to avoid uncertainty?

When was the last time you were spontaneous and experienced true joy?

In Chinese Medicine these emotions and fears directly impact the Kidney and Bladder meridians which impacts our physical kidneys and bladder as well as our knees, eyes, fertility, bones, marrow, growth and the nervous system.


Kinesiology can help restore balance to these areas and promote a balanced perspective when it comes to embracing uncertainty and managing our fears of uncertainty.

If you would like to embrace uncertainty or if fear that is associated with uncertainty is completely paralysing your life and holding you back, then I would love to help restore balance. Book here and let’s restore joy, hope and spontaneity in your life.





  1. Hi Rita your words are so true and I’m suffering at the moment with a lot of anxiety and dont really know why, I have been having vertigo attacks which is scary. I would love a Kinesiology session when ever you are free. Fear is horrible to experiance ?

    • Hi Angela, thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to read my blog. Fear can be paralysing and I want you to know that you don’t have to live this way. I understand anxiety very well from personal experience and Kinesiology can work very well to help understand the symptoms and provide you the tools to manage and treat it. Feel free to click the ‘book now button which you can find on my website or my Facebook page and book a time that suits you.

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