What i learned when i got real.

This is me!


All natural!

Hair not done. No makeup. Raw and real. Sometimes we get so busy that we lose connection with our spirit and our authentic self.

As most of you know, I took the time to reconnect with myself over the last couple of months. Guided by my intuition, I brought a complete stop to my busy schedule, paid attention to my life and sought the right help.  As a result I learned a great deal about myself. Let me share:

1. Food impacts my mood and I mean greatly! When I eat real food, my energy levels are higher and my mood is lifted. If I eat dead processed foods, my mood is low.

2. I experience anger and frustration when I am not taking care of myself and when I am not doing the things I enjoy.

3. I have learnt a lesson in duality.  For every moment we experience, there are emotions of polar opposites at play. Happiness when there is sadness, shame when there is  pride and loss when there is  gain, to name a few.

4. My anger and guilt do not define  me, but are just expressions of me, when I’m not on purpose and flowing with my highest values.

5. My life experiences assist me in serving others.

6. I contributed to the frustrations in my life because I had no boundaries.

7. Sleep is crucial for me and I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

8. When I am feeling forced to do something I don’t want to do I get angry. This is something I have vowed to stop doing .

9. I have an important gift and message to share, just as we all do, that is worthy and valuable.

10. Moving my body daily, in ways that I love, is important to allow energy to flow. It’s important that I love the activity that helps my body  move.

11. I must ground myself before driving after having worked with energy. I have learned this lesson  the hard way.

12. My anxiety is really just a barometer to tell me that I am off track.

13. I should not make big decisions when I am not feeling whole.

14. The importance of understanding the concept that there is nothing to forgive.  This is something I’m still trying to get my head around and is a work in progress for me. The rationale here is that if everything serves a purpose to assist me in achieving my highest values then, in fact, there is  nothing to forgive. Like I said, I am still working on this one!

15. Authenticity and vulnerability are beautiful qualities and should not be hidden.

16. Stress is a major part of my ailments. When I address my stress my lifestyle,  eating habits and life flows.

17. I am a work in progress, like everyone else, and that’s okay.  It’s through my imperfections that I am able to assist others. If I were perfect  then I would not have a deep desire to help others cope with life in times of difficulty..

18. It’s more than okay to express all parts of me. I have become increasingly interested in the “Sacred Feminine”, in particular Mary Magdalene. I feel she guides and inspires me to work with feminine energy and to nurture and support women. Although I have not expressed this openly, I feel that the Sacred Feminine has increasingly become a part of me. I look forward to further exploring and sharing with you the concept of the Sacred Feminine.

19. Most of my life lessons have come to me following intense self-awareness and receiving major reality checks. If I had not stopped work for a period of time and reached out to other professionals like Naturopaths, other Kinesiologists and Dr Nima,), there was a real possibility of a complete breakdown in my marriage and a nervous breakdown on my part. I was so deep into fight and flight mode that, without such help, all I could think to do was run!

20. I am amazing, as are you!


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