Anxiety, OCD, Panic – Here is How I can help

Panic attack, anxiety, OCD are symptoms I see quite regularly. However with kinesiology, the symptoms are simply part of a story. A subconscious story that drives our behaviour. So we never treat the symptoms, we treat the person as a whole unique being.

These symptoms I mentioned above are usually fear based and an attempt to create certainty in an uncertain world.

But here is the thing.

It is all an illusion and it is keeping stuck and paralysed in a life you don’t want because the certainty of the life you don’t want is better than the fear of what we do not know.

This is where the gifts of trust and inner wisdom become extremely important.

We try and gain certainty externally by controlling other people, situations and things but in the process we lose control internally.

When we gain our need for certainty internally by remembering and connecting to our innate knowing, we are able to flow and enjoy the uncertainty of life and the only thing we can control for certain (ourselves) begins to feel calmer and balanced and more certain.

Not certain because it knows the future, (let’s face it the only thing we know for certain is that one day we will die) but certain in our ability to cope with whatever life throws at us.

Remember a time when you just ‘knew’. When you’re inner wisdom spoke clearly and you trusted enough to listen.

Feel that ‘knowing’ in your body.
Remember how you felt. Perhaps you felt more grounded, calmer, and confident. Connect with the feeling of knowing in your body.

That there is your certainty. That there is the only thing that can help you navigate the uncertainty of life. Everything else is an illusion. So going external via controlling is not only exhausting but frivolous.

So with this little nugget of wisdom I know invite you to breathe. You have got this! You inner wisdom has your back!

Now go experience they joy that only uncertainty can bring.

Need help reconnecting to your inner knowing and wisdom. Need more joy in your life?

You know where I am?

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